Water Caps

Water Bottle Cap

All caps are compatible with 3 and 5 gallon water bottles.
Caps are compatible with snap-top bottles, not screw top bottles.
The ultra-seal protection of these caps also ensures that water is kept in its purest form and away from contaminants.
Water bottle caps are produced in natural colors for greater recycling potential.
Caps are equipped with standard foam liners for superior leak protection, so users can take bottles to and from water stores to be refilled without them spilling or leaking. Caps are made of durable, biodegradable plastic and meet health standards enforced by the FDA.

•Fits standard ''snap top'' water bottle (3 and 5 gallon bottles-55mm)
•One time use only / Not for use with screw top bottle
•Air-tight foam seal ensures sterile environment & protection against spillage

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