IDE 3030 Bioenergy Alkaline Water System

IDE 3030 Bio Energy Water System

  • Hydrogen Bioenergy Alkaline Water Filter

  • 5 Stage Filtration System



  • Save to direct drinking

  • Direct filtration Water supply

  • No energy supply required

  • Easy maintenance & operating


5 Stage of Filtration System

  1. Pre-Filter (10'' Dollton Ceramic Standard)

  • An excellent grade ceramic. Particles greater than 0.9 microns in diameter are trapped,effectiveky filter 99.99% of harmful bacterial,dirt,asbestor,rust,suspended solid and other pollution


  1.  1st Cartridge (Pre Carbon Filter)

  • This Pre-carbon filter designed for removal of residual chlorine,pigments, taste,ador,deteregent,heavy metals and other impurities


  1.  2nd Cartridge (Carbon Block Filter)

  • This carbon block filter is a compressed graanulate form of high absorption function. This filter absorb ethylene dichloride, bleach,pesticide,chloride,odor,harmful chemicals materials and haloform


  1. 3rd Cartridge (ORP&Bio Energy Plus Energize)

  • The water which passes through Bio ceramic, helps enhances blood curulation&metabolism

  • Energizes and softens water, making it highly soluble

  • Detoxifies waste accumulated in our body

  • Regulates body pH balance to mild alkaline


  1.  4th Cartridge (Mineral Stone& Active Carbon Filter)

  • Comprises various substantial nutritions such as Potassium, Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium and other micro elements.


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