IONCARES Lunox Hot & Ambient & Cold Water Dispenser

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Weight(grams): 1600

Function: Hot / Ambient / Cold Water

Power Consumption: Heating Power 420W | Cooling Power 90W

Power Supply: 220-240V/50-60Hz

Filter Life Span: 12 - 18 months

Dimension (mm): Table Top: 290 x 420 x 510 (mm)
Floor Standing: 290 x 420 x 1130

Ioncares Lunox featuring with an illuminating LED clock for hassle-free hydration in the dark. Your preferred temperature Hot, Cold & Ambient Water, at your fingertips.

Elevate your space

Choose from two elegant color options and a versatile floor-standing design. Ideal for both home and office environments.

Endless cooling, pure delight
Experience uninterrupted refreshment with our water purifier’s larger cold tank, keeping you hydrated for longer.

Child Lock Feature
Child Lock enabled for worry-free hot water access around little ones.

4 Stage of Filtration System
Premium filtration that reduces bacteria and viruses and many other contaminants.
Step 1 Sediment Filter
  • Remove suspended solid rust,impurities and other large substances.
Step 2 Pre-carbon Filter
  • Efficiently remove chlorine,chemicals,toxins,unpleasant flavor and odor which arehard to be biodegradable.
Step 3 UF Membrane Filter
  • It gets rid of minute particles larger than 0.01µ in water. Remove general bacteria and coliform but pass minerals to provide beneficial water for human body and enhance antibacterial function.
Step 4 Post-carbon Filter
  • Increase water purity by removing gas and bad odor which remain in the water.


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