IDE 3221 Bio Alkaline Water System

IDE 3221 Bio Alkaline Water System 

  • 6 Filter System

  • Safe to Direct Drinking

  • Direct Filtration Water Supply

  • No Energy Supply Required

  • Easy Maintenance & Operating

pH 7 for pour the milk and medication
pH8.5 for drinking
pH9 for cooking
pH9.5 for health drink
pH10 for washing fresh food

6 Filter System
  1. PP Sediment

  • Sediment filter maximizes the water purification effects from initial stage by removing completely various settings, microoraganism,oxidized substance to include rust,dirt,sand,dust and microscopic impurities.


  1. ''A'' Grade Activated Carbon + KDF 55(USA)

  • 100% granular activated carbon made from high grade coconut shell, effectively removes chlorine and odor. Using American NSF authenticated KDF55 to absorb the dissolved heavy metal such as Arsenic, Mercury Cadmium. lead and inorganic substances.


  1. Nano Hydrogen + Ion + Alkaline Tablet

  • Latest Japanese and Korean technology invention. Improves the oxidation reducing power by removing harmful active oxygen(FREE RADICALS) that causes cancer, Diabetic, hypertension,etc. Increase negative ion,enhance blood circulation and enhance cell anti aging ability, hence results in 5 to 10 years younger. Nano alkaline tablet convert water to alkaline level pH8.5-pH9.5,help in removes acidic waste from body.


  1. UF Membrane

  • The UF Membrane Element has thousands of fibers configures in a single membrane module. It ensuring removal of giardia, Cryptosporidium,viruses and bacteria and also effectiveky removes suspended solids,turbidity and is ideal for applications with lower solids concentrations.


  1. FIR Energy Stone (Korea)

  • Emit biogenetic rays (FIR ray 4-16 micron) that have been proven by scientists to living cells as specially in plants, animals and human beings. FIR cause resonance with water molecules. It ionizes and activates water molecules in our cells and blood thus improving our blood circulation, oxygen level in our body, warning and eliminating fats, chemicals and toxins from our blood and thus improve overall health condition.


  1. CTO Carbon Black

  • This carbon black filter is a compressed granulate from high absroption function. This filter ansorb ethylene dichloride, bleach, pesticide,chlorine,odor,color,harmful materials and haloform.



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