IDE 2002 Hight-End Household Water Purifier

High-End Household Water Purifier

GFE Ceramic Filter Element Features:

  • The ceramic filter is made of purely nature physical materials. 

  • It will not produce secondary pollution during use, retain useful minerals in water,and effectively remove silt,rust,red worms,color and odor, and can remove 100%of Escherchia coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus and mold and other pathogenic bacteria and will never be blocked, long service life, filtration effect is excellent sweet water purification quality.

GAC Granular Actived Carbon Filter Features:

  • Effective to reduce chlorine, Organic Compound, Pesticides,Hazardous Chemicals, Odor removal and Taste improvement.

Technical & performance data:

  • Flow Rate: 5 lpm

  • Pressure Drop: 1.56 psi

  • Max.Temperature:38º

  • Size (mm): 360 x 130 x 365

  • G.W:1.5 kg

  • N.W:1 kg


  • After installing in an appropriate housing flush at least 5 gallons of tap water to flush out any carbon fine particles

  • Air bubbles may be present for the first few days after installation

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