Turboflo Pool and Spa Pumps

Turboflo Pool and Spa Pumps

Turbflo Aqua is a hydraulically efficient, high performance pump designed for KOI ponds that require a low speed, high powered pump.

Turbflo Aqua pumps are equipped with marine grade seals and manufactured for maximum reliability, efficiency and performance.

It has an adjustable wet end which can be configured to suit up to 5 different plumbing conditions.

Efficient Impeller and Diffuser Design
The pump’s impeller and diffuser design maximizes the hydraulic output of the pump while minimizing turbulence.
The pump’s efficient hydraulic performance shortens run times and reduces energy consumption leading to lower operating costs.
Engineered Durability
The pump body is manufactured utilising state of the art engineering plastic moulding.
Adjustable wet end
The outlet port of the TurboFlo can be configured to suit different plumbing conditions.

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