Sidemount Deep Bed Filters

Micron Sidemount Deep Bed Filters

Manufactured from the highest grade of non corrosive materials and employing the latest in fibeglass winding technology, Micron fibreglass filters are designed and built for many years of trouble free operation.

  • Available in top mount,side mount and horizontal configurations frim filter areas of 0.87m² to 10.0m².
  • Pressure rated at 150kPa(36psi), 400 kPa (58psi),600kPa(87psi) and up to 800kPa(116psi)
  • Optional sight glasses and lateral man holes
  • Optional fibraglass reinforced vinyl ester for improved chemical resistance

Sidemount Deep Bed Filters

(SMD-1000mm filter bed depth)

The effect of deep media bed improves the filtration effciency over standard Hight-rate filters by providing enhanced in-depth filtration and increase dirty capacity. In addition, the greater bed depth permits efficient use of mixed bed filter media and water treatment media such as granular actived carbon.

The filter's 1000mm media bed ensures thet finer dirt particles and colloidal substances are retained to a far greater level than a filter with a shallower bed depth.

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