Micron Fibreglass Filter

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Micron Media Filter

Micron fibreglass filters embody the latest in fibreglass winding technology. Micron fibreglass vessels consist of an inner shell of fiberglass reinforced polyester resin wound over with fibreglass filament.

Proven Strength and Durability

Waterco’s digitally controlled filament winding machine faultlessly winds continuous strands of high quality fibreglass filament under controlled tension filament to create a seamless one-piece vessel with refined consistency and superior quality. There are no welds or seams or special tank linings which can corrode or electrolyse.
Micron filters operate on the basis of “depth filtration”; dirt is driven through the filter bed and trapped in minute spaces between the particles of filter media allowing the cleansed water to pass through the filter’s laterals and exit via the filter’s Multiport valve.
The effectiveness and efficiency of the filter is impaired by excessive build up of debris, clogging the media, which will result in pressure build up and poor circulation. Cleaning the filter simply requires turning the filter’s Multiport lever from the “filter” position to the “backwash” position, which reverses the flow of water in the filter, flushing the filter bed.


• Working pressure 250 kPa (36 psi)
• Extra reinforcement to increase the working pressure rating to 400 kPa (58 psi) is available on request.
• Maximum working temperature of 50°C (122°F)
• UV and corrosion resistant
• Hydraulically balanced lateral configurations
• Top Mount,Side Mount and Deep configurations

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