Bili JO-K90C Water Boiler


  • 100% boiling water, adjustable water temperature
  • Energy saving 54.8%
  • Saving power 10~30%
  • Timer setting, Auto turn-on / turn-off functions
  • Six-sided full insulation technology
  • Patented heat recycle technology
  • No steam released, No boiling hot surfaces
  • Cost saving, Environmentally friendly

Special Features of BILI Water Boiler

When the water in the boiler boils, all the hot steam produced is channeled to the heat exchanger and condensed by the incomming tap water. In the heat exchanger, the heat energy produced by the steam is thoroughly absorbed by the tap water, directly heating the water as it fills the tube. The steam is then cooled and liquefied before flowing out of the tube as condensed water. Hence, no steam is released to the environment and the heat loss is lowered significantly. The application of the patented BILI heat exchanger can increase the incoming water temperature by 10-30 degree before it reaches the water tank for boiling, saving approximately 10-30% of power usage.

Using BILI innovative technology, the six-sided interior of the boiler is insulated perfectly, including the upper lid. BILI water boiler thermal insulation can greatly reduce over 20-30% of the heat loss compared with other water boilers. With BILI thermal insulation layers, the outer case is cool to touch, making our water boilers suitable to be used at places with children because customers' safety is important to us.

The BILI water boiler is installed with microcomputer where users can set the time to Turn-On and Turn-Off boiler. It only takes 5 minutes to boiler the water every time is is turned on. Smart and convenient.

BILI in-house R&D and technology used in our products have received 65 patents, ISO9001(QMS), ISO14001(EMS),OHSAS18001,COC,CCC certificates and more. BILI water boilers integrate the application of advanced sensors and intelligent circuit board to ensure high efficiency and exception quality.

Since the incoming water has been pre-heated before filling the tank, the BILI water boiler will only start to heat the water automatically when it triggers the Low Water Level Sensor. This is to ensure the boiled water does not mix with the incoming tap water and to prevent unhealty re-boiling. As the water boiler is well-insulated, the hot water is continuously supplied at the designated temperature. Customers do not have to wiat to enjoy their favourite hot drinks.

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