8'' Magic Korea Filter Cartridge


Filter Life Span: 12 - 18 months

8'' Magic 4 Filter Cartridge

Sediment Filter

  • As pre-treatment filter of water purification system removes bigger than 5 contaminants such as dirt, sand & oxide pollutants from tap water and protect membrane and pre carbon filter from being clogged.

Pre-Carbon Filter

  • Prevent hydrolysis of membrane and enhances the life of membrane, it also absorbs residual chlorine and organic chemicals from tap water. The efficient removal of chlorine from water, thus providing a source of water which taste good and more likely to be consumed.

UF Membrane Filter

  • Has as small as 0.01 ~ 0.04 micron pore size is well suited to remove bacteria, clay, particle, materials. However, the containing minerals in water pass through UF membrane filter have a superior water purification capability.

Post-Carbon Filter

  • This filter removes any unfavorable taste or odors and gives the water very pleasant taste and also absorbs residual chlorine & organic chemicals from tap water.

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