10'' Doulton Ultracarb Ceramic Filter


10'' Doulton Ultracarb Ceramic Filter

Great tasting water for the whole family. The Ultracarb® filters the Suspended Solids, Cloudiness, Parasites, Pathogenic Bacteria, Chlorine, Bad Taste & Lead in your drinking water.

Doulton has been making ceramic water filters, in the UK, for over 185 years. Ceramic is made from natural materials; 80% less plastic waste than other available synthetic cartridge filters. Only for a mains pressure supply. Standard BSP 10 inch Water Filter Cartridge Candle.

During use, contaminants filtered from the water may build up on the outer surface of the ceramic cartridge and cause a reduction in flow through the unit. The cartridge will, therefore, need removing periodically for cleaning to restore the flow.

Cleaning frequency will be dependent on the condition of the incoming water. A cartridge that has reached the end of its life would be indicated by a reduction in the quality of the filtered water with respect to taste. The cartridge should be replaced in accordance with the rated service capacity, which would typically give a period of 6-12months usage & BPA-free Long Life ceramic.


The Ultracarb® ceramic shell is fitted with an activated carbon block insert containing lead removal media.

Benefits of the Ultracarb® ceramic filter include Filtration of particles, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, etc. with additional chlorine, organics and lead removal capabilities. Size: 10″ (254mm) long x 2″ (49mm) diameter. 3/4″ (19mm) short mount.

Benefits: Removal of particles, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, etc. with additional chlorine, organics, and lead removal capabilities.

Ultracarb NSF certified spec:

  • Chlorine reduction @ 2PPM (Taste & Odour): 94.2%

  • Nominal Particulate Reduction: Class 1

  • Cyst Reduction: >99.99%

  • Turbidity Reduction: >98%

  • “Lead” Reduction: 97.3%

  • Capacity:: 2300L

  • Flow Rate @ 3 Bar: 1.9 LPM 

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