IDE 389-25 Hot & Warm Water Dispenser

IDE 389-25 Hot&Warm Water Dispenser with Korea Filter

  • Dual Temperature Purified Water

  • 4 Stage Filtration System 

4 Stage of Filtration System
Premium filtration that reduces bacteria and viruses and many other contaminants.

Step 1 Sediment Filter
  • Remove suspended solid rust,impurities and other large substances.

Step 2 Pre-carbon Filter
  • Efficiently remove chlorine,chemicals,toxins,unpleasant flavor and odor which arehard to be biodegradable.

Step 3 UF Membrane Filter
  • It gets rid of minute particles larger than 0.01µ in water. Remove general bacteria and coliform but pass minerals to provide beneficial water for human body and enhance antibacterial function.

Step 4 Post-carbon Filter
  • Increase water purity by removing gas and bad odor which remain in the water.


  • Deluxe and elegant appearance

  • Indicator Light

  • Automatic refill of High quality purified

  • Energy Saving

  • Low noise

  • Long life

  • Stainless steel inner water tank for safety and sanitation

  • Easy to clean

  • Large Reservior

  • Environmental Friendly

  • Easy Installation and Direct Piping System

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