Hd-50 Hydrogen-rich Technical Filter

Hd-50 Hydrogen-rich Technical Filter

  • With the HD-50 the reverse osmosis treatment is completed providing a hydrogen-rich alkaline water.

  • HD-50 is obtained from the purest magnesium minerals by sophisticated extraction techniques.

  • HD-50 supply to the water essential minerals like magnesium, essential for the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular system.

  • Antioxidant effect due to the hydrogen molecules, protecting cells from the radicals responsible for some diseases and cellular aging.

  • Obtaining alkaline water that helps to keep the pH of the body properly balanced and thereby providing health and wellness.

  • 99.99% pure magnesium, making the pH level of water weakly alkaline and enriching with hydrogen molecules.


  • Made in Taiwan

  • Hydrogen-rich with alkaline water

  • Superior anti-oxidation

  • Durable and excellent performance


  • Service Life 12 Months or 4000 L

  • Maximum Flow 2.8LPM

  • Maximum Pressure 125PSI

  • Maximum temperature 42.C

Hd-50 Technicial Filter

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